StockSnips releases version 2.2

7 Day Sentiment Trend Indicator

The 7-day trend is displayed on the Portfolio page for each stock. This is the difference between the 7 -day moving average of positive percentage with the 30-day moving average. It’s a significant signal as typically change in news sentiment affects stock price moves. Investors could use this signal to monitor their stock portfolio and look at the underlying reasons for change in sentiment by reviewing the news snippets associated with the change.

Snippets ordered by Article and sentiment score

The news snippets for an article are now shown together with the top snippet displayed based on sentiment score. The user can choose to see more in an Accordian style UI which is intuitive. The articles are ordered by descending date and absolute sentiment score. Basically, the most significant news positive or negative score will be at the top.

Account & Subscription Updates

Added a section on the Account Information page to easily manage and modify your subscription