StockSnips real-time news sentiment analysis provides a clear signal into the movement of price in the market. By sifting through and summarizing millions of SEC filings and news publications, StockSnips delivers concise and unbiased financial sentiment to you.

Institutions, Wealth Managers, or Hedge Funds

The Stocksnips AI-based news sentiment inspection includes high-velocity news data of quantity, quality, and real-time sentiment. You can now use price, volume, and news sentiment as a three-pronged approach to shape your investment strategies.

Analytics Platform Data Services

News & Media

Integrate the StockSnips real-time sentiment analysis API into your existing web content and applications to enhance investor experience and provide new potential for informed investment strategies and decision making.

Data Services

Individual Investors, Day Traders, or Advisors

Our mobile app delivers the same enterprise-grade monitoring 
and analysis of stock news for the companies you care about most. Build a portfolio of investments you own and those you 
are considering. The StockSnips app will alert you when there 
is significant sentiment change so you can stay up to date.

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