The technology behind our Enterprise platform, brought to a single, mobile device.

The StockSnips mobile app is a powerful way to monitor and understand stock price movements to better manage your portfolio. News alerts based on sentiment change reduces the time and risk of missing critical information that affects stocks in your portfolio.

A 360° perspective of your investments

Gain insights from sentiment analysis

StockSnips continuously scans the financial news and delivers real-time sentiment analysis direct to you. It's like a personal financial assistant in your pocket.

Save time with up-to-the-minute notifications

StockSnips finds the essential information in a sea of news and SEC filings, alerting you to the most relevant news and information based on your portfolio.

Find and review what’s important to you

Use filters to see just the articles you are interested in or combine filtering with search for a more precise look at stocks you may be watching.

What is StockSnips Personal?

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