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StockSnips transforms unstructured textual data to quantified real-time sentiment data that can easily be integrated into your existing analysis process, giving you that cool investment edge.

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3,500 companies

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8 Million snippets extracted

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Returns the positive and negative tagged snippets for a 10Q or 10K for the companies specified in the parameter.


Returns available sectors names and the companies that belong to it.

Sector sentiment metrics

Returns base sector metrics by day such as positive and negative snippet counts, along with 7-day and 30-day rolling average positive sentiment percentage.

Company Metrics

Returns the daily positive and negative snippet counts for each company, along with the 7-Day and 30-Day positive sentiment percentage.

Company SEC document metrics

Returns metrics for a company’s SEC documents, including the positive and negative snippet counts, along with the overall sentiment percentage.

Benefits of using StockSnips Data Services

Access to historical sentiment data
Access to real time sentiment data
Flexible pricing models and custom data services

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