Capture the Missing Link In Achieving Alpha: Sentiment

Today's Asset Managers and Registered Investment Advisors, need new tools to handle the increasing importance and impact of Market Sentiment on price action.

Market emotions and their underlying sentiments are generating increased turbulence that are moving markets-but they are difficult to quantify, and are left out of most portfolio models. Using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, developed by world-class data scientists, we provide an unprecedented breakthrough in quantifying sentiment and generating sentiment signals.

Fast & Comprehensive

Our Algorithm scans thousands of documents per day, to detect Financial Media, ESG , and sentiment patterns. With a database of over 15 million documents analyzed, our AI is a trained and robust performer, generating sentiment scores for over 3000 listed companies.

Definitive & Actionable

We provide AI Sentiment based investment models that will give investment advisors, Asset managers, and RIA’s an edge in stock selection, and portfolio rotation. Additionally, our AI/ML based system algo automatically generates trading signals, eliminating subjective rebalancing decisions. The result is proven excess Alpha!

Getting started with the StockSnips AI Sentiment Models.

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