We provide investors with easy access to news analysis and stock sentiment trends, a key complementary factor for enhancing stock portfolio performance.

Our Story

Stocksnips leverages an AI platform that analyzes articles from curated news sources to create quantified News Sentiment signals for 3,000+ US Equities. Our sentiment signal is a proxy for Investor Sentiment which is known to affect a company’s stock price. Several studies have shown that News Sentiment is a lead indicator for stock price movement and can generate excess returns by blending it as a powerful portfolio allocation factor.

Our financially-trained machine learning models and big-text analytics classify topics and sentiment from relevant news snippets that affect a company’s sentiment. “News Sentiment” as derived from dozens of validated news sources combines various potential drivers such as analyst estimates of future earnings, industry supply chain factors, macro-economic environment and firm-specific intelligence obtained from reliable sources. Unlike social media derived sentiment, which is prone to noise and sampling bias, News Sentiment is the “aggregate expert sentiment” from financial news sources that influence investor behavior and are a more robust indicator of investor sentiment.

Our memory-based model for deriving sentiment takes into account the discrete and infrequent nature of news, and has been validated for Long / Short investment strategies and has outperformed other portfolio factors. Our products are the fruits of research collaboration by machine learning experts and data scientists with active investors and financial experts.

Meet the Team

Ravi Koka

CEO & Founder

Former Founder & CEO SEEC Inc. which had a successful IPO in 1997. Subsequently merged with Polaris Financial technology in 2008 and was CTO & Partner. 35 years of technology and R&D experience with current focus is in AI and Natural Language processing. Ravi has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has authored several articles on Enterprise architecture and Application Modernization.

Viv Penninti

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Formerly President of MSA Inc a leading data services company. Founder & CEO of IRG a leading data analytics company which was acquired by IGate Corporation. Subsequently founded InRhythm Inc a powerful data analytics platform and services company. 30 years of data science and AI experience. Viv has a MBA from the Tepper School of Business and is a thought leader in the retail, distribution and consumer goods industries.

Robert Lindenberg

Solution Architect

Computer science major with 5-years’ experience building scalable web and mobile applications. Specialized in Big data and Amazon Web Services.

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