Stocksnips Filter Option

Analysis Screen - Filter option:

Users are typically interested in specific information based on their investment philosophy. For example a value investor will look for earnings, dividends and free cash flow from business operations. On the other hand the growth investor would be more interested in revenue growth and sales by product, geography and business segment. The filter allows the user to focus on the snippets based on his interest and investment philosophy.

You can use the option to filter the snippets by Sentiment, Category and source. Sentiment sorts the snippets into Positive and Negative buckets. Category is further divided into sub-categories which are key performance indicators ( KPIs ) for business and financial operations. Source lists the media that covers stock news and SEC where companies file their quarterly and annual reports.

Key performance indicators for Financial include Earnings, Dividend, Shares, Equity, Debt, Cash Flow, Income and Expense. Revenue and Net Sales are segmented by Product and Geography. Other categories include Legal, M & A and Management Changes.

You can select a combination of Sentiment and Category filters. This can be done both for the News and SEC snippets.

In the examples below snippets for earnings of Apple are selected and snippets for all the news sources covered are selected