Stocksnips Analysis Screen

Analysis Screen

Tapping on the company in your portfolio screen takes you to the analysis screen. The snippets are arranged by date and sentiment score. You can choose between News articles and SEC filings (Latest 10Q and 10K filings) by selecting source.

The Analysis page below displays the news snippets for AAPL, Apple Inc. – listing the positive and negative snippets for Apple. The user can choose to see more in an Accordion style UI which is intuitive. The articles are ordered by descending date and sentiment score.

The user can see the news snippets that caused the change in the recent sentiment. This combined with the filter option will quickly provide you the insight on key elements affecting a company.

Selecting Profile provides information about stock price, market cap, trading volumes and other key ratios.

Tapping on a snippet provides snip details and will show the snippet in the paragraph where it is referenced. It also displays the source, author and date of the article.