Stocksnips Portfolio Screen

Portfolio Screen

This is the first screen you see when you login. It’s your dashboard for monitoring stocks you own.

You get a bird’s eye view of the price and sentiment. The article count on the top right hand corner is the number of articles analyzed for this company. The green and red sentiment bar shows you the ratio of positive and negative news snippets in the last 30 days for the company. In this portfolio screen, we see that for FB, Facebook, there are 176 articles with news flagged as relevant. The sentiment bar shows 82% positive. The 7-day trend is displayed on the Portfolio page for each stock. This is the difference between the 7 -day moving average of positive percentage with the 30-day moving average. For FB it is trending 1% positive. It’s a significant signal as typically change in news sentiment affects stock price moves. Investors could use this signal to monitor their stock portfolio and look at the underlying reasons for change in sentiment by reviewing the news snippets associated with the change.