Focused on timely news sentiment

StockSnips real time news sentiment is a reliable way to monitor and understand stock price movements.  Our AI and Advanced Machine Learning models do what the investor can't – Sift through and summarize millions of lines of text in SEC filings and news publications, and deliver concise information based on financial sentiment

Sentiment analysis in seconds.

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We read, analyze, and deliver insight on key performance elements that need your attention.

Gain insight from sentiment analysis

StockSnips continuously scans the financial news to find what matters most to you. It's like a personal financial assistant in your pocket.

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Find and review what's important

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Reduce the time you spend reading

StockSnips finds the essential information in a sea of news and SEC filings, bringing you only the most relevant snippets.

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A 360˚ perspective

We provide a complete and unbiased view of the markets, by analyzing news from many different sources.

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Our vision is to provide easy access to stock market news analysis to investors. Understanding market sentiment trends is an important element in managing one’s stock portfolio.

StockSnips crawls, aggregates and analyzes news related to public companies listed on Nasdaq and NYSE. It reads 50,000 articles a day and filters out the noise and analyzes news sentiment. StockSnips enables you to gain stock insights and track a company’s financial and business operations. It categorizes news snippets by key performance indicators like revenue, sales, earnings.

The app leverages machine learning and big text analytics to classify and attach sentiment to news snippets that are relevant to a company’s performance. The app is the outcome of research conducted by machine learning experts and data scientists in collaboration with active investors and financial experts